David Countryman

David is a 20+ year veteran of Information Technology Solutions. David was one of the earliest leaders at Promontory Financial Group and created the overall information technology strategy that aligned PFG’s growth with a global platform.

As Promontory Financial Group’s CIO and then CTO, David designed and implemented a network strategy that emphasized security and intellectual property protection. David is known for his thoroughness and dedication to cyber-security management.

David has been accountable for understanding the evolving regulatory and compliance landscape – with a special emphasis on asset protection. As part of Promontory Financial Group (and its global reputation for compliance expertise) David was a sought-after expert on cyber security and threat management.

David earned his B.S. degree in Information Systems from Strayer University and his MBA from the Jack Welch Management Institute.

Our Team

Eugene Ludwig

Gene is the founder and chairman of SpringHarbor.

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Eugene Ludwig


Adam provides strategic direction for SpringHarbor and its portfolio of investments.

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Adam Arnold


Chiara is responsible for human resources at SpringHarbor and its affiliate companies.

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Chiara Mazzonis